Year-round glacier and wildlife TOURS! These are perfect day trips from Anchorage
Custom Alaska Glacier Tours
Lazy Otter is now operating winter glacier tours. Through Oct 31 and Feb 15-April 30



If you don't know what area of Prince William Sound you want to explore, click on our map for notes on our favorite locations.


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About Lazy Otter Charters and Cafe

Water taxi And custom cruises in whittier, alaska since 1994

Lazy Otter Charters, Inc. is a family owned and operated charter and water taxi operation harbored in Whittier, Alaska. Captain Mike Bender has been operating Lazy Otter Charters Inc in Prince William Sound since 1994 and is pleased to be expanding our fleet and offering the same renowned reliability and customer service. NEW, we offer guided kayak trips, and we have added a third boat to our fleet!

Discover the calm waters and numerous protected isles and inlets of spectacular Prince William Sound with Lazy Otter Charters, Inc. Prince William Sound is one of Alaska’s precious jewels, with the largest collection of tidewater glaciers, mountains that careen strait up from the waters edge, and nutrient rich waters that support an abundance of sea life. Whether you are interested in a personalized day cruise, including glaciers, whales and wildlife viewing, need a trip to a public cabin in Prince William Sound, or an expedition using our kayak transport Lazy Otter Charters Inc. would love to help you with your Prince William Sound adventure.

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Oh Captain, my Captain!

Meet the Lazy Otter Captains:
GarretAGarrett AndersonBorn and raised Alaskan, 4th generation tug boater. Been on the water all my life and even took my first step on a boat! Aspiring Pirate and outdoorsmen. Currently hold a 100 ton masters license and an looking to further my career with a 500 ton license in the near future. When I'm not running around on boats I'm taking my adorable daughter on any Alaskan adventure I can!
Captain SteveCaptain StevenBorn in Alaska, raised in Prince William Sound, and the son of Lazy Otter Charters. Steven earliest memories are of exploring Prince William Sound with his family and helping his father with the boat in the early years of Lazy Otter Charters. Today, Steven is Firefighter and medic and on his days off comes to Whittier to run the boats for the family. Steven is the primary diver for the company and has experience salvaging vessels in Prince William Sound.



Capt NatCaptain NatI grew up on a lake in Minnesota, and now I’m a charter boat captain in Alaska. Working on the water has allowed me to see many amazing things from bubble-net feeding humpback whales in Juneau, calving tidewater glaciers in Prince William Sound, to the gigantic Brown bears of Kodiak Island. I guess water must be my favorite element, as I love the frozen form too. I spend my winters in Alaska backcountry and resort skiing in some of the most majestic mountains in the world. When I’m not working or playing on the water in the summer, I love to hike, bike, camp, and experience all the wonderful things Alaska has to offer.
Captain BenBen WilkinsBen grew up in the mountains of Golden, Colorado, and always harbored a deep love of the ocean. He moved to the Florida Keys to receive SCUBA, CPR and First Aid Instructor training, and then taught diving diving in Monterey, California. Ben then headed to Maui, Hawaii, where he led dives and captained dive and snorkel boats for the last nine years. He recently received a degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado, and is extremely excited to explore the beauty to be found in and around the Alaskan waters.



Capt MikeCaptain MikeCaptain Mike Bender has been operating Lazy Otter Charters Inc in Prince William Sound since 1994 offering renowned reliability and customer service. Mike has extensive knowledge and passion for the Sound. Mike started sailing in PWS in 1980 and it is his love for the area that prompted him to start Lazy Otter Charters to share PWS with others. The biggest pleasure for Mike is raising his kids in the Sound and in the business and the numerous family memories created here. As a board member of the PWS Regional Citizens Advisory Council (RCAC) Mike works to protect Prince William Sound for all families.
KellyKelly BenderKelly is co-owner of Lazy Otter Charters with her husband Mike. Kelly started her career in Prince William Sound in the 80s working on tour boats between Valdez and Whittier. After working small cruise ships and tour boats throughout the Pacific Northwest, Southeast Alaska and Kenai Fjords, she returned to Whittier and her first love, Prince William Sound. Oh that’s also where she met her greatest love and joined Mike in the Lazy Otter Charter business. Kelly is the President Greater Whittier Chamber of Commerce, and has extensive knowledge of Whittier businesses and community and the Alaska tourism industry.



“I know, with absolute certainty, every time our guest go out into Prince William Sound they are going to have a spectacular experience. This place is so amazing. It thrills me that we get to be a part of their adventure. Sincerely that’s why we love this business.”